(609) 397 3240

570 Rosemont Ringoes Road
PO Box 500, Sergeantsville, NJ 08557

Ida Storm Damage

For Damage/Debris on TOWNSHIP Roads please call - 609-397-3530
For Damage/Debris on COUNTY Roads please call - 908-788-1178
For all NON-EMERGENCY items, please call - 609-397-8189

For DOWN WIRES please call JCP&L at - 1-888-544-4877

For Inquiries on Assitance / FEMA Contact Delaware Twp. OEM - William Powell - 732-213-1817

Please refrain from unneccessary travel to allow emergency crews to safely get the area cleared and repaired.


Please click the below link for the unofficial Facebook page to help and coordinate assistance amongst residents. (This group is not run or monitored by Delaware Township. Thank you to our residents for setting this up) 

Unofficial Delaware Twp TS Ida Facebook Group