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570 Rosemont Ringoes Road
PO Box 500, Sergeantsville, NJ 08557


Contact Information

Diane Soriero McDaniel, CFO
570 Rosemont Ringoes Road
P.O. Box 500, Sergeantsville, NJ 08557

(609) 397-3240 ext. 206
Fax: (609) 397-4893

Finance Information

The Finance Department is responsible for the receipt, safeguarding, investment, and disbursement of municipal funds, which includes purchasing, accounts payable, and payroll.

In addition, the Finance Department is responsible for creating the annual operations and capital budget, tracking expenditures against the budget, submitting the budget approved by the governing body to the State of New Jersey and reporting budget status to the governing body on an ongoing basis.

Budgets & Audits