Meet The Commission

John Kafarski

My wife, Tiffany, and I moved to Delaware Township from Highland Park in the summer of 2014. Since moving to the township we have started a small (and growing!) farm in Rosemont with our two young children. We fell in love with the Township after driving around Rosemont, Sergeantsville and along the Delaware River prior to buying our home. We both agree it has been the best decision we’ve ever made.

I became interested in both the goings-on within the Township and more specifically the Environmental Commission when the Penneast Pipeline was proposed in 2014. Understanding how pipelines and other industry could negatively affect preserved farmland, streams, creeks and trails within our township has drawn me closer to great environmental causes at large. And helping protect the natural beauty of our Township for future generations brings me to the Environmental Commission meetings on the third Wednesday of every month!

Kathy Katz

I have always lived within a 25 mile radius of where I was born.  So when looking to buy our “forever” home in 1994, Delaware Township was the perfect choice, with its iconic rural charm and close proximity to the river and the wonderful river towns.

I have always been an advocate for the environment, dedicating my career to working at the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.   So being part of Delaware Township’s Environmental Commission made perfect sense.  I love being able to help the community, from coordinating the annual community well testing event, to working with the school students planting trees at the School Meadow Trail.  Being part of the Environmental Commission has allowed me to be part of this community and help the environment at the same time. 

Kathy Klink

I have lived in Delaware Township since 1976.  My first home was in Sergeantsville and now I live in the “burbs” on Ferry Road.  We initially chose this area because it was within a 20-mile radius of J&J in Somerville.  Both of my kids are Delaware Township home-grown, as is one (almost two) granddaughters.  I stay because of the sense of place that Delaware provides – the beauty, tranquility, serenity, the “green-ness”. 

After 30 years, mostly as a Middle School Science teacher, I learned and taught a lot about human impact on the environment.  I love helping the Earth and I feel that our Environmental Commission is a dedicated group of people who have the best in mind for Delaware Township and the Earth!  Join us!

Roger Locandro

Environmental Economics, Masters in Public Administration 

Municipal Certifications: Registered Municipal Clerk, Certified Public Works Manager, Qualified Purchasing Agent, Affordable Housing Professional. 

Current employment: Owner Manager Punkin Hollow Farms, Energy Smarts Mechanical and Roger R Locandro Jr Inc,

Goals to for on the Environmental Commission: To help navigate the needs of the community through the labyrinth of government expectations and goals. 

Relevant achievements: On various projects I have helped move streams, create wetlands, plant tens of thousands of trees. While working in Nigeria I helped move trees from road expansions to local schools to shade and cool the building. 

Quirky factoid: We have used “We’ve Been Green A Long Time” as our catch phrase for our companies. Our tree company has be saving trees form construction, or geothermal company has been reducing people carbon footprint while our excavation company has been doing environmental projects and dealing storm water management. I hope those experiences help others with the understanding how to evaluate a projects proposal and implementation.

Susan Lockwood

My name is Susan Lockwood and I am an elected member of the Delaware Township Committee. I have lived in Delaware Township and been a member of the Environmental Commission since 1986. We moved here to live in a beautiful area with wide open spaces. I joined the Environmental Commission because I care about environmental issues. The Environmental Commission is a great organization to involve the public in understanding the important environmental issues that are part of everyday life: recycling, breathing clean air and drinking clean water. 

Rich Mongelli

Although I enjoyed my work representing Fortune 100 companies, and learned a great deal about the “art” of practicing law from my colleagues and mentors at the firm, I had a sense that I needed to be working more closely with entrepreneurs and business owners rather than large public companies. I left the firm in 1992 and set out on my own in my hometown of Metuchen.

I have been fortunate to watch many of my clients’ businesses grow over the last 25 years, and even more fortunate that they have allowed me to grow with them.

Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of my practice is when I am asked to represent my clients’ children and other family members. It is at once an awesome responsibility and an incredible endorsement.

Mary Anne Royal

My husband and I are relatively new to Delaware Township, having moved from North Brunswick a little over 5 years ago. I work in a Research lab at Rutgers University that studies factors that impact healthy aging. I am also a Rutgers alum, completing both my B.S. in Exercise Science and a masters in Business and Science from Rutgers. My husband and I were attracted to Hunterdon County for its beautiful rural setting. It reminds me of growing up next to my Great Uncle’s farm. I joined the Environmental Commission because I have always been passionate about protecting our natural environment. I am excited to share what I’ve learned about the world around us and to help find creative ways to safeguard the natural beauty of Delaware Township for current and future residents.

Anthony Szwed

Anthony Szwed has been a member of the Environmental Commission for 6 years and is active chairperson.  Lifelong Delaware Township resident, Tony has an extensive background in horticulture.  He is the owner of a landscape and property management based business incorporated in 2000.  He studied landscape architecture and design, and has several degrees in marketing, business management and business administration.  He spends his days outdoors, improving private outdoor spaces, as well as public ones.  His passion for nature is inspiring and his youthful drive is what keeps him motivated to create and improve our township.

Deborah Polay

My husband Rick and I moved to Hunterdon County two years ago from Monmouth County. The diversity of the landscape drew us in, the natural environment won us over. I have a BA in Communications & English from the Univ. of Miami; giving me the tools to write everything from newsletters and motivational speeches to grants. I am also a retired dental hygienist; I graduated from UPenn in Philadelphia. Growing up, my family ran a scrap business turned recycling center. Environmental issues, such as clean water & reusable products have always been a priority to me. A healthy, safe environment for flora & fauna is a reflection of our society. In 2020, we started an apiary to boost the dwindling honey bee population and to cultivate our organic gardens. Nature photography is a passion of mine. I hope to educate and inspire people, through my photographs, to respect and protect their natural surroundings. The EC offers opportunities that benefit our community in a gregarious atmosphere, making daily environmental issues a priority. I hope to contribute to this cause.

Karen Peters

I grew up in Delaware Township, with most of my waking hours spent either reading or exploring in the abundant woods and stream outside my house. I went to Cook College and got a degree in Environmental Science so I could continue working in the areas I loved the most – Outdoors, Nature and Wildlife. I started working while still in high school with wildlife rehabilitation, went on to become a Naturalist and outdoor educator, and worked in differing capacities from an Environmental Health Specialist and Educator to most recently, a National Park Ranger. I most of all want Delaware Township to remember and retain its rural and natural roots as we grow larger, and look forward to a community that values each other and environmental integrity.